25.04.19 - a senior moment at 27?

The blog has been pretty quiet these last few weeks. Since my last post I ran an 8k for Alzheimer’s research with a fellow UConn grad and Fulbrighter Nikita, visited the Opera House for the second time to see Harry Potter in Concert, and crossed a few more must see’s off my sightseeing bucket list.

But mostly I’ve just been BUSY. I’ve been shooting the most yet since starting this project, and while I was feeling uncertain about the photographs I was making when I first got here, things have definitely taken a turn for the better (you can check out the work I’m making in real time HERE). I’m much happier with what I’m making, and new ideas are coming more quickly than I can get them made. Good problems. 

I’m not sure if it’s my schedule or the constant worrying about my work that allowed this to happen - but I had a major “senior moment” last night. My plan for the evening was to return to make an image at a location I had seen along the Coogee to Bondi coast walk. Tyler and I made our way to Bondi Beach, and started following the same hike we did our first weekend here, but backwards. I felt completely confident that the spot I was thinking of wasn’t too far from the last bend in the path before you reach the beach itself. Camera gear in tow, Tyler and I began walking. Within the first fifteen minutes we crested the hill I saw so clearly in my mind - but the small grouping of trees I remembered was nowhere in sight. Tyler said perhaps I was mistaken, and he was certain the spot I was looking for was further up the path. 

So we walked some more. And then some more. One of the beauties of the coast walk is that you can see what’s to come around the bend, and even from a distance I could see the forested area I remembered was not in the distance. I was completely perplexed as I knew this was a long trek but I was SO SURE it was close to the end of the hike, and we were nearly halfway through the coast walk. What was I missing?


I finally sat down on a bench, pulled my phone out, and scrolled to find the pictures from our first hike - and had a literal facepalm moment. 

The spot I was sure was on this hike, so confident I hadn’t even thought to look at these photos before lugging my gear to Bondi, was on our SECOND coast walk from Spit to Manly. On the north shore. 15 miles north from where we were standing. Definitely not possible to get to before sunset via public transportation on a public holiday (it was Anzac Day, similar to our Memorial Day in the US).

I pride myself on being an organized person, and especially so in my practice. I used to make spreadsheets for my photo shoots to make sure I had everything I needed and was fully prepared. I also have a decent memory, though sometimes a bit spacey as I juggle all the various projects I’m working on. But NEVER have I been so off the mark on something. I’d like to chalk it up to having been so busy the last few months that all my experiences are starting to blur together. Perhaps it’s more likely Tyler's explanation when I turned to him and again exclaimed my disbelief at what I had done - “Well Kaleigh, you are nearly 30. These things happen, and will start happening even more”. 

This is what I get for marrying someone younger than me.

We turned ourselves around and trekked back to Bondi - it’s closer to our train home, and I was really craving a swim after the unplanned 3 miles of walking. I peeled off my terribly sweaty clothes and jumped straight into the ocean. These are the days I’m secretly grateful Tyler doesn’t love swimming, because he stayed back to watch over our bags. The beach had been packed when we started our walk, but by 5:30 it was clearing out. The sunset was soft and beautiful and it was surprisingly warm out. Our afternoon had felt like a total fail, but getting to enjoy another Australian evening at the beach made it all seem worth it.