17.02.19 – taronga zoo

Taronga Zoo has been one of the main bullet points on our ever-growing “to do” list – because it’s an amazing place, I had already looked into it (as I’m hoping to raise $$ for them when I run the Sydney Marathon!) and very excitingly because Tyler’s parents gifted us tickets to visit for our birthday’s this year.


We took the ferry from Circular Quay, and just a few minutes later we were docked across the harbor. Though we had anticipated doing the “wild ropes” course Tyler’s parents gifted us, we looked at the time, the height of the sun in the sky, and at each other, and decided maybe we’d wait until next time. It was a good thing we did, because we ended up spending the entire afternoon exploring and seeing all the animals (and it was HOT). Our trip definitely would have been cut short had we done the extra excursion. Now we have a great excuse to go back again soon.

We trekked all over the zoo, seeing the seals, gorillas, chimpanzees, giraffes, meerkats, elephants, and of course the koalas. Seeing a koala has been something of a dream for me ever since we found out we’d be moving here. I was totally enamored with them; though they are so unbelievably cute and slow moving they almost appear animatronic.

I also made a new friend – A very hungry wombat.


We also saw a number of kangaroo and wallabies, which especially caught me off guard as they were just out in the open (as were the emus!) and hopping right past us. A very surreal moment.

We also got to see some of the nocturnal animals – bilbies, platypuses, echidnas, many species of bats, and even a few desert hopping mice. These were all amazing to see, but I’d be lying if I said being in the dark with some of the creepy crawly critters didn’t freak me out just a little.

We spent over three hours checking out each and every animal on view, taking pictures and reading up on where they come from (most are from Australia!) and are already looking forward to visiting again. We were totally exhausted by the time we got back on the ferry, happy to be heading home and out of the sun.


PS. We had pizza for dinner. We found a tiny place near the train station that does traditional Italian wood fired pies. Only 5 tables (my favorite kind of place) and it was delicious. Another great find.