16.02.19 – another day, another garden

Tyler and I started off today at one of the #1 brunch spots in Sydney – Bills. The entire street was lined with guests waiting to be sat, pretty much what I expected for 10 o’clock on a Saturday.

We were there quite specifically for the ricotta pancakes, served with honeycomb butter and fresh banana. I had been told these just might be the best ricotta pancakes ever by a customer at Parkside a few months back, and had mentally bookmarked it for once we arrived. I was curious to see what Tyler would go for, not usually being a sweet breakfast person, and was both surprised and relieved when he also ordered the pancakes. As our waiter so aptly put it, no one was going to have food envy this morning (and more importantly, I wasn’t going to have to share).

Sharing wouldn’t have been an issue if it had come down to it, because these were by far the fattest, fluffiest, richest pancakes I have ever had. I’d say they were encroaching on soufflé territory. By our third pancake, we were both audibly groaning because we were just that stuffed. For what was probably the first time in my entire life I left some scraps on the plate because I just couldn’t finish. Next time we’ll definitely be splitting.

And because I know all our Parkside customers will want to know how these stack up - Tyler felt our own blueberry lemon ricotta are a superior hotcake, while I felt it may be somewhat of a tie.


After brunch we decided to check out the Royal Botanic Garden, which I was especially excited for as they were having a tomato festival this weekend. It’s also comical because while I love tomatoes, my husband has unfortunately developed a tomato allergy (brought on by consuming them only). Though we missed the big events like tomato lunch and the tomato competition, I was able to snag some beautiful heirlooms to bring home for breakfast tomorrow. We also had the chance to check out the current Plants with Bite exhibit – a show of all carnivorous species. I have a feeling we missed some of the sights to see in the garden, but I will luckily be back next week to explore some more and see what facilities are available to photograph.

On our way home we stopped at town hall and did a bit of shopping – we’ve been going through clothes like crazy because it’s so warm out and we are sweaty humans. I’m also considering buying something new to wear for the gala I’ll be attending in Canberra. Though I brought a few nicer dresses with me, I’m starting to get nervous about my options, as the event is at Parliament House!

 We did find a few casual things, but were ready to head home nearly as soon as we got there. It was a total madhouse in all of the stores we went into, and after our day in the sun we were both more than ready for some peace and quiet in the air-conditioning.