11.02.19 + 12.02.19 - quick update


I successfully rode the bus on my own for the first time.

Only missed my intended stop by 1, as I didn’t realize I had to signal to get off.

Felt very much like a country mouse in the city in that moment (which is hilarious because I am NOT from the country but...we also don’t really use the bus in CT and I rarely did in Boston either...).

Spent 3 hours chatting with my Fulbright supervisor/mentor/point of contact over coffee.

She’s brilliant and I’m feeling very grateful to have randomly come across her in the WSU directory.

And for her to have agreed to work with me after a cold email and basically no background info provided.

BTW I’m a “practice based researcher” now, thank you very much (HOW COOL IS THAT TITLE).

Pulled the risky move of having TWO flat whites but somehow survived.


Spent the morning on the phone with my other contact (from the PlantBank) - everyone here is so NICE and generous I can’t get over it.

Did some computer work/emails (some things never change).

Figured out where our local post office is and held up the line because I have no idea what I’m doing and eventually the nice woman behind the counter had to say “uhm excuse me ma’am could you please move to the desk back there to fill those out?” and now I’m just like everyone I’ve ever rolled my eyes at in the post office and I am ashamed.

It was 97 so we decided to head towards Bondi for lunch + an afternoon swim.

Soft shell crab burger @ Speedo’s Cafe = 9/10

View from Speedo’s Counter 10,0000/10

The sand was unbearably burning hot, but the water was so so refreshing and exactly what we needed today.

Watched a bunch of small children learn how to surf, which was better than any TV show I’ve ever seen.

I think the entire city was at Bondi by the time we packed up to head home. 

Stopped by Fishbowl for a quick dinner - chipotle but make it poke? A dish called the “lil umami”? I’m sold. Had the OG bowl which was FANTASTIC.

Only incurred minor sunburns from our time in the sand today. I’ll call it a success.