09.02.19 - it’s museum time

After a somewhat relaxed week - lots of coffee, sorting out my Australian bank account, getting this blog up and running! and many episodes of ‘It’s Suppertime’ watched - Tyler and I decided to go big for our Saturday in the city. We started off at a cafe that has been at the top of my list for many months, Edition Coffee Roasters. 

Edition is a Scandinavian/Japanese inspired cafe whose aesthetic is pretty much ‘all black everything’. Tyler and I were nervous there would be a wait, as we may have gotten a tiny bit lost on our way, but were pleased to find they had space available at their 4 seat bar. Though they later offered us a seat at a table, we were more than happy at our seats, as we were directly in front of the kitchen and could watch the chefs at work.

We started off with the miso banana bread with yuzu curd and, I’m sorry mom, but I never want to eat regular old banana bread again. We shared a phenomenal dish of crispy sunny side up eggs with chili oil and puffed grains, and added kombu rice into the mix at the chefs suggestion. It was like the best fried rice I’ve ever had, perfectly rich and salty with just enough heat. Tyler ordered the kingfish sashimi which was fresh and a great interlude before the REAL reason we were at edition, the Japanese soufflé pancake. It takes 20 minutes to prepare - each is made to order, towering at least eight inches high when it comes out from the oven and finished with a sweetened cream cheese and mango. Tyler and I devoured it with the ferocity of two people who have never tasted food before. There will definitely be many more visits to Edition in the future, especially seeing as the menu changes seasonally.


We had been planning to only visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, but found the Powerhouse Museum right across the street from brunch. After a quick google search I found it was highly recommended and currently had a special Star Wars exhibit on view - a no brainer.

We started at the Star Wars exhibit which was absolutely incredible - original sketches, puppets, costumes and props from the movies were all on display. It was also an interactive exhibition, each guest being given a headset for an audio tour and a wristband which you used along the way to develop a Star Wars character based on your own personality traits. At each station we were asked a series of questions, each adding to our identity in the universe. In Tyler’s words, “the coolest, most accurate BuzzFeed quiz of all time”. 

We also explored the rest of the museum, which houses applied arts, technological artifacts, and other scientific subject matter. I was especially drawn to a life on Mars working laboratory, currently in use by local scientists and university students. They also had a fantastic exhibit covering climate change in Australia - I’ll definitely be back to spend even more time in that one. I found Tyler exploring the space exhibit, with a zero gravity simulation and a variety of spacecrafts and suits. We made a quick run through the remaining rooms, and then decided we better be on our way if we wanted to fit in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

We’re finding it easier and easier to get around here using public transport, partly because it’s just so easy using the rail system here. We hopped on a train to Circular Quay, and a few minutes later the Opera House came into view. We headed in the opposite direction towards the steps of the museum, buzzing with people. 


The museum is free, but currently has a special photo exhibition on the work of David Goldblatt which does require tickets to be purchased. We decided to just view the main collection today, as it’s recommended you have 2-3 hours to view the Goldblatt exhibition and watch the accompanying film (we only got to the museum one hour prior to close!)

Tyler and I have a habit of flying through art museums - beelining for what interests us and spending more time with those while bypassing things which immediately fall flat. We spent time with some aboriginal bark painting which was a real treat and probably my favorite of today. We’re looking forward to going back for the photo exhibition, as well as one opening in March titled “After Nature”. 

We made a quick stop at the town hall Woolworth’s for groceries - our first and last experience there, as it was absolutely WILD. We were trying to save time by stopping at the shops on the way home, but the busyness of the downtown area combined with four different levels of grocery store was too confusing for us to handle. We’re perfectly happy making our 15 minuet walks to our local shops from now on!

We ate dinner in tonight and tried to relax after our busy day. I grabbed a falafel from our local stop (their homemade chili sauce is the best) and Tyler had his first Australian scotch fillet (a ribeye with the bone removed). Afterwards we couldn’t help but head back out to grab some gelato from my new favorite spot, gelato blue (dairy free - good for my tummy and the planet). It had cooled down quite a lot and for once I wasn’t sweating uncontrollably. We enjoyed our stroll, noting how the longer we’re here the closer everything feels, and the more comfortable we’re becoming in our new home down under.