10.02.19 - Manly Ferry

A fairly slow Sunday…

We ate brunch (obviously). Despite having never before been a “breakfast person”, pretty much all we eat now is breakfast foods. I’m dreaming about the day I take the American breakfast scene by storm by bringing the intensity of Aussie brunch there. I honestly don’t think y’all are ready.

The usual eggy things plus mushroom chips. MUSHROOM. CHIPS.

The usual eggy things plus mushroom chips. MUSHROOM. CHIPS.

Afterwards we took the Manly Ferry across the harbor to Manly Beach. Having not been on a boat in a while it was a bit unnerving, but the views across the water were beautiful and quickly made us forget the unending rocking of the ferry. Also, because of Opal Card weekly caps, the 30 minute journey only cost me 24 cents (the ride home was FREE).

Once you disembark at Manly Wharf, it’s just a short walk down the road to Manly Beach, which much like Bondi, was blanketed in groups of sun worshipers. The ocean was much rougher here, with most of the shoreline dotted by surfers beyond the break.

Tyler and I found an open patch and spent the next few hours rotating between sunbathing and reapplying SPF. We both got our first sunburns this week and didn’t want to end up even more crispy.

It was in the 70’s here today, so we actually found ourselves fairly comfortable in the sun for a long stretch of time. I only found myself drawn away from the sand because of my inescapable desire to be in the water and swimming, not because of the intense heat like we’ve faced the last few weeks.

The surf at Manly is incredibly strong, and the soundtrack to our day was the lifeguard’s constant reprimanding of beachgoers for swimming anywhere beyond the 10 foot area marked with flags (okay, maybe it was also the sound of the group of American college students sat in front of us, complaining about SO’s back home and drinking sauvignon blanc straight from the box). There were signs all along the beach which illustrated and stated “Do Not Swim - Dangerous Waters”. Even the “safe” section had quite a pull, and I’m thankful we were there when guards were on duty. A few brave souls did make their way out into the rough tides as soon as the guards took down their markers for the day and packed up to head home. The water was refreshing and a warmer than Bondi, though I’m not sure it’s worth braving the riptide for me personally.

We stopped at Four Pines Brewery on our way back to the ferry, only just across the street from the harbor. Tyler and I shared some chips and pints, and a taster of their current tap special “pickle juice sour”. I wouldn’t say it was an everyday kind of drink, but could definitely see it going really well with a burger.

We climbed back aboard the ferry, our skin still warm from the sun, and watched the sun disappear behind the coastline as we sailed back home again.